Shell Eco Marathon-Asia

Shell Eco Marathon-Asia
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Recruitment soon!

    As another week goes by, the work for the team is getting tougher. Important components and parts like our Honda GX engine have arrived. The team meetings are getting longer each day. Each department is working on improving their stand from that of the last season. But you know, as the saying goes “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”, the team is coming together at the right time.

   But for the team to continue in its venture, it must have a bright young generation to lead it forward. To take up the baton from the seniors and take it even further. We had stated in one of our earlier blogs that we wanted to inspire young minds to take up the challenge. Thus we at team eco titans are happy to let you know that we will soon be recruiting first and second years. The recruitment will be done for the management team at first and later for the technical departments. There are many talented people out there, in fact more talented and more capable than us in doing what we do. If you are an automobile enthusiast and think that you have what it takes, feel free to come out for the recruitment. The dates and other details will be announced later.
We'd like to welcome you to the Titans family

Stay tuned to this page where we will be posting updates about our car our progress and the eco marathon. For any queries please feel free to contact anyone from our team.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


The summer vacation was a time for a lot of preparation and activity for the titans as we head to the busy fall semester. As you know already, the SEMA event is from 6th to 9th February which means we would have to ship the car out to the Philippines by the beginning of December. Keeping that in mind, the car would be ready by the end of November. All this planning would take real hard work to implement, and all of us will be working together to achieve this goal.

  In today’s blog I would be giving you some small insights into the Steering and Brake department’s decisions and plans.

Firstly, The Steering System,
A little bit of education then as to what forms a part of the Steering System.
The Steering Wheel: The most important component. Now, as per SEMA rules, the drivers hand should never be removed from the Steering. And that means the throttle the brake levers and the shifter will be on the Steering wheel. Something similar to the paddle shifts on a Lamborghini.
Steering wheel with paddle shifts (Sample image)

The Steering Column: A device intended primarily for connecting the steering wheel to the steering mechanism.
Other parts include the Tie Rod and the Tires and we are not going deeper into that.
       The Mechanism for the Steering system that we have chosen is the Bell Crank Mechanism. What is Bell Crank Mechanism? Well basically it involves having two arms bend at 90 deg resembling a capital L. These arms can and may vary in length but mostly have the same lengths. Apart from this we would also be following Ackerman geometry as this was successfully tested in the previous year’s car.
How a normal bell crank mechanism works
Now, the Brakes:
    After lots of discussion, the department has decided to provide mechanical calliper brakes of a mountain bike at the front and more powerful hydraulic brakes at the rear as more weights would act on the rear wheel and thus would need more power. And sticking to the rules of SEMA we have decided to provide brake levers for activation as this would ease the efforts of the driver.

That was from the Steering and Brakes department. Now, all this looks easy on paper but requires superior knowledge, hard work and capital to implement. There’s more to come from the other departments as well.

Friday, May 2, 2014


'HELIOS' the Sun God. The epitome of Energy. That is who we have decided to name our new prototype after. After much discussions (on both the name and the concept for the design!) these are some of our conclusions.
                  We plan to make the car chassis of foam composites. Foam can be polyurethane or aramid slabs. Honeycomb type mesh is also a very effective type of core in sandwich composites essentially used for weight reduction and providing optimum strength. Carbon fiber is also an important feature in these composites. Many types of carbon fiber weavings are available -unidirectional, plain weave, twill weave, harness satin weave with different densities of fibers (2k, 3k, etc). Deciding the type of fabric to be used is essential as it will prevent unnecessary weight addition and cost. Using unidirectional fabric layers or 4H harness Satin weave is a good option for the base of the chassis. Vibration of engine and its effects on the composite interface are to be analyzed. In the analysis, parameters like meshing, element attributes, material properties, vibration amplitudes, boundary conditions, etc are imperative to get right for reliable results.

Video Teaser of 'HELIOS

Aerodynamic study of the car is essential to reduce drag force as it increases performance of the vehicle. More time we get to analyze the prototype, the better will be the car. Tear drop structures, covered wheel rims, etc are certain features implemented to reduce drag. During analysis mesh sizing and refining, size of control volume, mesh element shape, etc. are to be set appropriately. A prototype model analysis using a wind tunnel is also a great way to determine if software analysis is in good agreement. Manufacturing the shell is also a massive task given the tools constraint. Hence, sampling is essential to come up with a simple yet precise method to get desired results. Accuracy in the mold and surface finish of the shell are key factors in manufacturing. For weight reduction, type of resin and application of the same is important. Making a carbon fiber shell and chassis requires special equipment like an oven and vacuum bagging for maximum weight reduction and strength.

Stay tuned for more on the design and the technical specs. of the prototype.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014


        The highest mileage achieved at the Shell Eco Marathon Asia, 2014 is 2730 kilometers per liter in the ethanol category and 1796 kilometers per liter in the prototype gasoline category. 1796 kilometers, that is almost half the entire coastline of India, on a single liter of gasoline. For some reading this post, this achievement still exists in the realm of impossibility. Henry Ford once said,” If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right”. The question is, do we always think we can? Do we pause to think about the possibilities of success, before mining out any reasons that we can find to show the enormous nature of the task that lies ahead? 
          The Shell Eco Marathon challenges students from around the globe to design and build ultra-fuel efficient cars that hold the portal to the future. In 2014, the competition saw 17 teams from India, 17 teams from about 15 Universities. 500 odd students from a country that produces approximately 2 million engineers a year. 500 from a country that has more than 5 million aspirants and innovative thinkers, is merely a fraction of the whole. Barack Obama said,” Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek”. If you wish to create, create. If you have an idea, think about it. Maybe, just maybe it would revolutionize the world, and most importantly find happiness out of it, because after all, you are the master of your own actions.

           Team Eco-Titans is an initiative taken by a few students with the help of VIT University. Through constant work and dedication, we were able to achieve a few things, and more importantly learn a lot more. It is our humble request, to all our fellow students from across the country who have a passion for fuel efficient cars, to collaborate with similar people, and to start realizing your dreams, to make your dream car. We hope next year in Philippines, we see a lot more of the Indian flag, waving strong. Feel free to ask any queries related to the ultra fuel efficiency concept to our technical team in the comment box below.                                                   

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Care for a Game of Darts ?

On 7th April, VIT was visited by Honeywell, one of the world’s largest energy efficient conglomerates. As part of the visit, a team of executives from the company came to the workshop to check out all the teams, their cars and the whole working environment. All the teams arranged and organised their work spaces with banners and photographs to make them look lively.

The Honeywell execs, accompanied by the VC, Pro VC and the Dean of SMBS, came at around 2:30 pm and went through all the work spaces asking about the respective cars. The entire Titans team was present to meet them. We talked to them about our car, explaining the super-mileage concept and our aim to achieve a mileage of 1500 kmpl for the 2015 prototype. The visitors found our concept very interesting especially the Dean who inquired a lot.

A minor addition that proved to be very useful on the day was the dart board purchased by our team. We planned to place the dart board in the workshop as a stress reliever. The team mates can throw a few darts and let of some steam, while working on the car.
Archit having a go at the dartboard

On the day of the visit, the dart board proved to be a major source of attraction as well as enjoyment as the entire team got together and played. Even members of other teams were interested and some came to play as well. It was a great way of bonding for the whole team while we waited for the executives.

 In fact, if you are interested you could check out the b block workshop and play a few rounds at the Titans workshop and also gain a handful about the car.
The team with the Honeywell execs and the 2010 prototype

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Team Eco Titans

 This is a time of a huge fuel crisis which has engulfed the world. Shell has taken an initiative to combat this fuel crisis by holding an event called Shell Eco Marathon which encourages and challenges young minds to team up and produce a fuel efficient vehicle. Team Eco Titans is a group of likeminded students who have taken up this challenge successfully in the past and succeeded as well. This year we’ll be taking it up again as we build from scratch a car that produces a mileage of at least 400 kmpl.

 The highest mileage in the competition is held by a French team with the vehicle giving over 2000 kmpl.

 The car will be competing against some of the best prototypes of the world in the Shell Eco Marathon Asia which will be held in Manila, Philippines in Feb 2015. This is where we’ll keep you informed on our vehicle, its design, the event, and all the news related to fuel efficiency from around the world as well

. Do like our facebook page and stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted.

Here's a video about the history of shell eco marathon

Thrill is an option, the future is not.